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Sworn Translations:
Certified Translations in Japanese, Spanish & English

A sworn translation is a document translated into a language that can still be accepted as a legal document and is certified by a sworn translator’s signature. A sworn translation is required when we need to certify that the contents of the translated documents match the original text. This requires translator’s certification for best language translations. At KOTOBAI, we offer sworn translation and certified translations service in Japanese, Spanish and English languages and make sure that every translation by the Japanese Certified Translators corresponds to the original text.

Committed to meet the expectation of our wide base of customer, we offer the official translation of a document which is certified by a sworn certified translator’s signature and seal. Documents that require certified translation services might include papers that have to be submitted to an immigration department such as birth or marriage certificates; official transcripts like high school certificates, university degrees; regulatory documents like research data forms and case report forms.

Moreover we offer notarized translations services for use in courts. We also carry out all relevant formalities through the state department and foreign consulates so that documents can be produced in court proceedings. In our notarized translation service a translation is signed and dated by the translator in the presence of a credited notary.

Understanding every critical aspect in this area of operation we offer a certified translation service where every translation is formally verified for use in official purposes. In order to provide best service and set new quality standards we have our in-house team of certified translators. Our accredited translator carries out each sworn translations with responsibility and complete them with official seal and signature.

Our sworn translation process starts with detail understanding of client’s requirements and expectations. Having years of experience in this industry, our certified translators use the most effective terminology management tools and translation memory technology. In addition to this our team of certified translators also studies each request in a personalized way.
* Certified translations; Traducción jurada (Spanish), Traduction assermentée (French),  公認翻訳 (Japanese)