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Legal Translations: Patent Claim Translations & Court Approved Japanese Translator

We are proud of the progress our profession has made in the past few years. Being a customer-oriented firm, we offer transparent court translation & legal translation services and ensure that every individual receives a fair opportunity to explain their case and participate actively in court proceedings.

Law is a culture-dependent subject; and so we handle every legal translation assignment like Patent Claim Translations with responsibility and give attention to every minute detail. Understanding the confidentiality of every court and legal transaction, we make sure that all the legal documents like: Court and witness transcripts, Legal disclaimers, Patent and trademark filings and Affidavits are carefully handled and kept under strict privacy guidelines. Along with this we guarantee that the correct legal meaning is conveyed.

We know that legal translation is not a simple task and definitely requires a very special knowledge. We also understand that any slight mistake in the translation of a legal document can cause confusion, undue delay and a huge cost. That is why we have a team of court translators who are specialized in this profession and translate documents and scientific writings. Our Court Approved Japanese Translators convert written materials from one language into Japanese language.

Our Court Approved Translators first understand the subject matter and then convert the information from the original language into the target language. Our translators know the basics of this industry and fully respect attorney-client privileges and attorney work-product privileges. Preserving the tone and level of the original language, we also perform additional research on the subject matter.

Dedicated to offer excellent and effective patent claim translation services, we further confirm that all transactions are finally proofread before they are presented to our clients. For this we have our well trained and certified proofreaders for Japanese Proofreading and Spanish Proofreading. Top priority is given to quality without sacrificing deadline, price or service. We can also accommodate to your different electronic data formats. Today, we have scaled new heights in this area of operation and are proud to claim that we are one of the few successful icons to have accomplished every project assigned to us as per our clients’ requirements.